ThinkVantage Productivity Center  v.3 11

Productivity Center guides you to a host of information and tools to help you set up, understand, maintain, and enhance your ThinkPad notebook or ThinkCentre desktop.

ThinkVantage Access Connections  v.5 84

ThinkVantage Access Connections is a connectivity assistant program for your ThinkPad computer.You can connect to the network instantly without reconfiguring your settings when you move from office to home or on the road.


ThinkVantage Password Manager 64-bit  v.4.0

ThinkVantage Password Manager 64-bit allows users to save passwords for Web sites and Windows applications, and subsequently auto-fills those passwords when the user visits those Web sites or logs on to the application.

ThinkVantage Active Protection System  v.1 75

Like an airbag's sensor, it can detect sudden changes in motion and temporarily stop the hard drive to help protect your valuable data from some crashes that could occur due to everyday notebook accidents.

ThinkVantage Secure Data Disposal  v.1 3

Many companies think that formatting a hard disk removes and destroys its data, when in fact this data - which can be highly confidential - can still be retrieved from these systems.

ThinkVantage Power Manager  v.3 62

Power Manager for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad.

Client Security Solution  v.8.0.0311

ThinkVantage Client Security Solution helps turn your computer into a highly protected vault.

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